emotional eating

Emotional Eating

I was told by my doctor that it would be hard not being able to use food as comfort after the surgery.

The Milk Toast Miracle

I had been having trouble keeping down any food last week. Well it was bad. Real bad.

Foods I Miss & Weigh-in

This week I weighed in at 243 which is a 5 pound loss for the week. More than usual. Probably because I’ve been sick and have had a hard time eating enough. I’m feeling better now though. There are certain foods that I can’t eat now that I’ve had weight loss surgery. The foods I […]

The Pros Still Outweigh the Cons for Weight Loss Surgery

I’m a little ambivalent about the surgery sometimes. But overall, the pros still outweigh the cons. No pun intended. I’m still glad I got the surgery. And the more weight I lose, the more grateful I am. But it’s hard sometimes. Sometimes I’m like, “Dude, this is easy. I can kind of eat whatever I […]

Two Months Post-Surgery Update With Before and After Photos

It’s now two months post-surgery so here are the deets. I weighed in today at 251. That’s a 37 pound weight loss since the surgery and a 68 pound loss overall. Here are my current measurements and the 2 months post-surgery before and after photos: Measurements: Bust 45 (down 3 inches) Waist 43 (down 7 inches) Hips […]

Measuring My Food and Weighing in

This week I weighed in at 255. That’s 3 pounds lost this week. That seems to be about my average. I’m feeling better all the time. Mostly. I feel pretty frustrated about the fact that I’m finding it harder to keep down my food. The other day I threw up after only taking my medicine […]

Six Weeks Post-Surgery Weigh-in

It’s now six weeks post-surgery and I weighed in today at 258. That’s a six pound weight loss since last week, which is a ton. I tell you, I’m learning that if you don’t lose one week, you’ll definitely lose the next. Overall I’ve lost 30 pounds since the surgery six weeks ago and 61 pounds […]

My Number One Food Craving Since Weight Loss Surgery

Ever since the surgery I have been having this one food craving. Not for anything sweet or chocolatey or any of the stuff I normally crave. Not even Diet Dr. Pepper. (OK maybe a little). The food I have been craving most out of anything else is meat. Especially Barbequed meat. I never ever ever […]