training plans

What I Love About Training Plans

I love love love following training plans in my running. This is something I did back when I ran a marathon and a few half marathons before, but now that I’m basically starting from scratch, I can really see the genius behind a training plan.

weight loss surgery before and after photos

It’s been 5 months! (with Weight Loss Surgery Before and After Photos)

Today it’s 5 months since weight loss surgery! I’m including my updated measurements and my updated weight loss surgery before and after photos. But first, good news: I weighed in today at 198! I finally got under 200 and into the 100’s!!! That’s a 4 pound loss for the week, a 90 pound loss since […]

Feeling Absolutely Fantastic

According to the six-month half marathon training plan I’m doing, I was supposed to run a 5K on Saturday and I was terrified.