9 Months Since Gastric Bypass

It’s been 9 months since I had gastric bypass and I weighed in this morning at 165 pounds. That’s an eight pound loss for the month, 123 since surgery and 154 overall. I’m only 6 pounds aways from my goal of 159. I’ve noticed I lose more when I do some running so exercise is […]

eight months since weight loss surgery

Eight Months Since Weight Loss Surgery

I’ve been too busy to write weekly, but this whole month hasn’t been very interesting on the weight loss front anyway. This month marks eight months since weight loss surgery. I lost, then gained, then lost again. I ended up at 173 which is a one pound loss for the month. Not what I’m used […]

training plans

What I Love About Training Plans

I love love love following training plans in my running. This is something I did back when I ran a marathon and a few half marathons before, but now that I’m basically starting from scratch, I can really see the genius behind a training plan.